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Daily Loop Everyday new Loop puzzles. Create a single loop by using the hints.
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Penguin Word Twist Can you guess all words with the given letters?
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1010 Hex 1010 game with Hex shapes. Drag shapes onto the board and complete lines (horizontal, vertical and/o...
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Daily Takuzu Everyday new Takuzu puzzles in different sizes.
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Blobs Paint the whole game in the same color and start top left. Select the color you want to paint the cu...
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Letter Mix Mix the letters and create valid English words.
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Daily Bridges Connect all the islands with a network of bridges using the given numbers. Create as many bridges to...
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A Nonogram a Day Play daily Nonogram puzzles. Color the grid and reveal an image. At the top of each column, and at t...
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Holiday Match Get into the holiday mood with this fun memory game.
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Daily Tracks Complete a track from start to finish using the given hints on the left and top.
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Words Create valid words by dragging letters on the grid. Make sure to get all goals in a level.
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Escape the Forest Escape the forest by walking on all tiles. First click on your start tile and then the direction you...
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Math Fun Create valid sums with the given numbers and operators.
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Honey Bee Try to located the colored cell by using the given visual hints. Click to select a cell.
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Daily Battleship Solitaire Find the enemy ships with the given clues. The clues are given for every row and column. Ships canno...
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Black to White Collide 2 of the same images to change it and make it darker. Reach the indicated goal.
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Daily Same Game Every day new Same Game Puzzle challenges in different sizes and degrees. Can you remove all colored...
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Main Power Try to get a single connected power network by rotating grid squares.
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Christmas Words Find all the letters of the word on the grid.
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Daily Shinro Everyday a new shinro. Place all marbles by using the given hints. Read the in game help.
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